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 Hear the drum beat.
 Hear the bells ring.
 Hear the wings flap.
 Hear the spirits sing.

 See the leaves' dew.
 See the feathers felt.
 See the child's smile.
 See the colors melt.

 Smell the sweet grass.
 Smell the fry bread.
 Smell the freed cedar.
 Smell the rain bed.

 Taste the blueberry.
 Taste the given deer.
 Taste your sweat drip.
 Taste your own tear.

 Feel the cool soil.
 Touch the here, now.
 Touch the soft fern.
 Feel the Powwow.

 Dance the Heart Beat!
 Dance the Sacred Ring!
 Dance the Spirits' Song!
 Dance the Eagle's Wing!

Gina Jones
Earth Dance Drum by
Blackwolf and
Gina Jones, published
by Hazelden.




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    THE DAY SPA for massage, Reiki, aromatherapy, facials, manicure, pedicure and stress reduction in the perfect atmosphere in De Pere Wisconsin.

    Golden Light Healing



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