How We Can Help Performers

Performers are anyone who suffers from performance anxiety, such as musicians, singers, conductors, public presenters, actors, athletes, sales people, and managers. You know what you want to convey, but you need to remove those roadblocks within that keep you from having the confidence and flow to do it. We can help!

Example testimonials:

As an athlete I am always searching for ways to improve. Whether it be a new method of training, or a change in diet, there is and will continue to be ways to improve. 
With Dr. Kasper's assistance I was able to grasp a better understanding of the importance the mind has on my ability to perform athletically at a higher level. Through the use of techniques she taught me I have been able to reach a state of focus more readily and more often.  Your next step in improving may only be a thought away.
Roy Pirrung, World and American ultramarathon champion, American record-holder and member of the USA Track and Field Masters Hall of Fame

The workshop you [Phyllis] did for us on performance stage fright and anxiety was excellent. Dealing with music majors and their performance anxiety is a constant challenge.  The insight you gave to the participants at the event was very valuable, not only to myself but my students as well.  In particular, the open discussion at the end allowed those present to focus on their own individual issues. Thanks for bringing your expertise to us.  Michael J. Arendt, Professor of Music, University of Wisconsin - Manitowoc

I have been a competitive weightlifter for the past 12 years. I found after a sports-related injury I lost my focus and drive. EMDR/self-hypnosis was exactly what I needed to get unstuck. I was able to not only win my next competition, but set a state record. Tracy Christensen, 2000 candidate for Sheriff of Manitowoc County


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