What is Empowerment?

Empowerment is the ability to actualize your innate capacity for happiness, growth, and success. To be empowered is to be in a process of positive change and release from that which temporarily holds you back - you evolve your innate abilities in greater depth and into new directions.  There are two ways we see empowerment occurring:

Empowerment can occur by therapy or by success consultation

It is also by definition the ability to empower yourself through skilled guidance from people who have been successful at doing so for themselves.  It is people's ability  to use their inner resources and innate capabilities to live a fuller, richer, more rewarding and meaningful life. One then becomes a source of empowerment for others and the whole world as well.  This is the cycle of empowerment. It is an initiation into a deeper and more rewarding life...

We at EvolveAbility know that there are many groups and individuals who can benefit from the guidance and skill set we can provide to begin this cycle of empowerment, such as:

  • Individuals wishing to actualize their ability to lead a happier, more successful and rewarding life.
  • Corporations and businesses wishing to invest in those who truly form the very lifeblood of their company's culture and the lifeline to their clients.
  • Performers.  Those artists, athletes, and other performers who are encountering 'speed bumps of the body and brain' such as anxiety and mental blockages and who need a helping lift to the next level of excellence to fulfill their dreams.

There are many techniques that work at deep levels to efficiently produce the change that talking to yourself and wishing never will. These are the techniques we share that will form the bedrock of your transformational program.  Examples of such techniques are:

  • EMDR.  Negative programming can drain our joy and energy, leaving us dissatisfied with life and with ourselves.  EMDR has shown the ability to get to these deep trauma and negative patterns in a very effiecient manner.
  • Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis.  The hypnotist's words trigger a creative, problems-solving process in your mind. Hypnosis can help you overcome bad habits and negative attitudes. It can attune you to your true needs, as opposed to your wants.
  • TFT.  Thought Field Therapy and EFT adjust the mind/body energy field by tapping on acupuncture points.  This allows you to release emotions and memories, creating a deep sense of peace.

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