Thought Field Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique

TFT is an elegant system of tapping on yourself lightly on acupuncture points to reduce anxiety, craving, self-consciousness, irritability and other negative emotions. This system has been in development for over 20 years by psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan, an expert in the field of anxiety disorders.

EFT: An offshoot of TFT has been more recently developed by Gary Craig. Gary is not a licensed health professional , but offers EFT as an ordained minister and as a personal performance coach. I have found both systems useful alone or combined with other approaches. These techniques don't involve suggestion, hypnosis or distraction. They shift energies.

Energy therapies have been viewed with skeptcism by psychologists and psychiatrists due to a lack of published research demonstrating their effectiveness. A new professional society, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, provides emerging published data.


When you experience these energy therapies or EMDR, you personally rate the level of your distress on the 0-10 scale of Subjective Units of Distress (SUDS) Rating distress at the beginning and several points in the process allows you to see for yourself how much a session is helping.  A distinct advantage of these techniques is that you can easily learn to use them for yourself. I personally find them very helpful when combined with other therapies. The key to effectiveness is in the client's persistent and precise application of the techniques in daily life.

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