How We Can Help Corporations & Businesses

Corporations and businesses of all sizes and types are made up of people. People are your number one asset because they make all other assets come to fruition. In today's times of fleeting loyalties, it pays to invest in your employees and managers.  When people are happy and grow within a team, they will naturally, like a growing seed you planted, sprouting benefits for the entire organization.  This generates the positive feelings and efforts that make up excellence in the long and short-term..

Study after study has shown the benefits of investing in the health and mental well-being and efficiency of employees and its positive relationship to the bottom line.

Blackwolf and Dr. Kasper have functioned as a team for over 15 years. To learn more about investing in your employees and what we have to offer, please contact Blackwolf or Phyllis.

Example testimonials:

Based on a whole life experience in both the Native American world and outside, Blackwolf makes the bridge between the spirit world and our everyday lives, bringing spirit to join us, and heal us. He is a first class presenter, a healer and therapist, well tuned to today's business world (Blackwolf and Dr. Kasper have functioned as a team for over twelve years).
I was with Blackwolf in the United Kingdom driving north. There appeared like a solid wall of water ahead. Slowing, we entered a cloudburst of rain so heavy that water built up on the road around us. Then, a rainbow appeared so close we could almost reach out and touch it. It came nearer and brighter until one end settled between us inside the car. It came to meet Blackwolf and stayed with us for some moments before dissolving into sunlight. Spirit visited us in those moments. An extraordinary experience. Michael S. Standerwick Account Executive, IBM

"I'm at a loss to explain why but after a short EMDR session, that Phyllis administered in my Milwaukee office, some things that were bothering me just kind of melted away. I no longer find myself troubled by the negative images that I had previously conjured up. As a result, I am more positively focused. Thanks Phyllis."  Paul, Milwaukee Company of Friends (FastCompany)

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