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Blackwolf's newest book, Sacred Self-Sacred Relationships, was published in 2004 by
Hazelden Press (see below). View his most recent books here.

Latest Book:

Sacred Self-Sacred Relationships

"A pebble drops into a still lake, reverberates farther and farther out from here and now, touches the shores of distant times and places. Concentric circles ripple - vibrate - with just one touch.

This book is about these circles: where and how they start, where and how they go. Just as one moment of health promotes greater health, one pinpoint of hurt may also reach out to hurt others. Circles of help or hurt are created, always. It is one or the other.

To become skillful with relationships with self and others, a circular vision is required. Unless we begin to see around us, within us, and beyond us, we unwittingly continue cycles of abuse, whether as victims or perpetrators. We are either part of the circle of abuse, or we are part of the circle of healing. We cannot avoid the circle. We cannot avoid the ripples."


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