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Science of Mind May 2002

Lightworks article

As a respected Ojibway Elder, insightful author, and sought after certified psychotherapist, Blackwolf (Robert Jones, M.S.) brings an electrifying healing presence to workshops, seminars, and gatherings. Blackwolf has blended ancient tribal healing remedies with contemporary approaches to profoundly redirect societal inequities and defuse cultural abuse. These effective teachings promote healthy balance through unique humor, storytelling, and candid observations. Consequently, participants are moved to review and redefine their present value system responses towards self and others.

Blackwolf is revered as a presenter because his native spiritual wisdom speaks clearly on both individual and collective levels. These age old understandings enhance and expand former awareness hidden within current societal programming. Participants, thereby, find a strong sense of belonging and feel newfound connections to both the spiritual and physical laws of the universe.

Blackwolf has taught Ojibway culture at the University of Wisconsin and has co-authored three books currently distributed in ten countries. The Healing Drum, Listen to the Drum, Earth Dance Drum and Sacred Self, Sacred Relationships can be obtained through most bookstores in North America (see a preview here). Please see his book selection from Hazelden.  Please see his current calendar.


Blackwolf after recording our CD CD entitled Medicine Wheel Turning
in April 2005.


Blackwolf is an elder of Ojibway tribal heritage. He grew up on the Lac Corte Oreilles reservation in Northwestern Wisconsin and learned from his elders, ancient tribal ways and Wisdom.

After serving during the Korean conflict, and attending pre-law school at Marquette University, Blackwolf fell into the self-destructive pattern of alcoholism for twenty years. Since 1977 he has enjoyed continuous sobriety and went on to become a certified psychotherapist specializing in addictionology. As a Certified Addictions Specialist, he treats not only alcohol & drug abuse, but compulsive overeating, and addictions to pornography, computers, and spending.  He also conducts workshops at Esalen in California.

What he has brought to the clinical arena is old age tribal healing remedies coupled with contemporary approaches. His current speciality is healing relationships. Blackwolf now resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


Blackwolf can be contacted at: Pathfinders - 2129 South Oneida, Green Bay, WI 54304;


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